I’ve fought hard to build a hospital in Belen. A new hospital will bring more than $50 million in new investment to Belen, improving healthcare and growing businesses. We can’t back down from big opportunities.

Economic Revitalization

Belen can find economic success with a welcoming city government and the right tools. We must promote our businesses, encourage public-private partnerships, offer incentives and attract businesses.

Roads and Sidewalks

Potholes and broken sidewalks can be fixed with hardworking staff on organized schedules. I will build a database of the city’s needs -- and fairly prioritize them by seriousness and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Your Water Bill

Our water bills are too expensive. I will work to lower it -- first by ridding our water metering of glitches, and second by negotiating a new solid waste contract to reduce what we pay for trash pick-up.

Film Industry

The film industry has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars to Belen’s economy in just the past four years. I will continue to support the film industry and its economic benefits.

Preserving Culture

Belen has strong culture and history that we must preserve. That’s why I’ve supported preservation of important historic buildings, like the Central Hotel and old city hall. Our historic buildings are cultural and economic assets.

Cleaning Up Belen

I wrote and proposed the resolution to demolish the Freeway Inn, where investors are now looking to start new businesses. I support strict code enforcement that will help clean up Belen.

Our Parks

Jose Gallegos Park and other parks need new grass and trees. I will set aside money in the city’s budget to improve all of our parks, so that they become quality of life assets and remain safe places for our children to play.